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Our Peppy Products are the ultimate solution for bare faced beauty - but don’t take my word for it. Check out these REAL results and REAL reviews from Peppy customers worldwide.

Acne, Breakouts & Acne Scarring

Texture, Fine lines & Anti-Ageing

Pigmentation, Acne Scarring & Sun damage

My skin is a lot more smooth and no little bumps and pimples over my face. This was after two uses!

Very impressed from the improvement in my skin… No filter needed.

I’m speechless at how much my skin has improved since using the light therapy mask. The photos are taken exactly one week apart and my acne has cleared up and my pigmentation has significantly reduced as well. I was using the blue light setting every day, with the yellow light and occasionally the red as well.

This was after using the LED for the very first time - pictures are 30mins apart. Puffy morning face, red itchy hives that feel like mosquito botes. You can see the LED has taken away some redness, settled swelling and the itchy had gone.

When I was having really bad breakouts I would switch between the red and the blue light, and that just cleared it up in like days. It’s honestly unbelievable the results you get from this.

Absolutely loving my results. I’ve used the LED light for two weeks now and my redness is a lot less! My face isn’t as puffy anymore, alos my breakouts are disappearing!

I wanted something to help with my redness and skin texture. I’ve been using the LED light for about a month - all three lights once a week - and am SO impressed with the results. My skin tone and texture is much more even.

I love what Peppy products have done for me and my skin, I feel more confident and way more beautiful within myself, so thank you!

My bumps are nearly completely gone and my face is bright! I;ve been using the LED mask, 20 mins blue light and 10 mins yellow light if I have time. Also using the sleeping mask… I can’t wait to keep seeing improvements, I'm four days in.

If you have a USB plug, you have a facial with this (LED mask). I like using the Yellow light, it’s detoxifying. And that is like a better feeling than when your skin is glowing and you’re looking happy and healthy?

Absolutely blown away. Results of just one 30 minutes session (10 mins on each light).

My skin has always been sensitive and reacts to almost every productI try. You’re ‘All-in’One’ cleared my blemishes and rashes caused by other products and allergies within a week.


Customer Reviews

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Love it!!

I have been using my mask for 30 minutes a day (one red light and two blue light sessions) for about 2 weeks now, and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. My hormonal acne had gotten out of control around that time of the month, and no break outs this month so far. My scars are going away and active acne spots have cleared up with no scars. I would highly recommend if you have skin concerns!

My one and only complaint is that the mask does not reach my hair line, and the eye piece is so big that acne in between my eyes doesn’t get the lights like the rest of my face. I would like to see the next version of the mask to have a smaller eye piece so that more of the face gets direct light!

Led light

Amazing!!!! Love it


I love the mask the only complaint I have is the nose piece.. it is very uncomfortable and digs into my nose and leaves a mark. I have to put a piece of a
make-up/foundation pad there to cushion it.


So glad I ordered the peppy co products, they’re amazing! I got the led face mask and cleansing egg and both have worked wonders for my congestion and overall texture. Customer service is also fantastic and helpful!


Love it!

Worth the wait!!!

It came a long way to get to me here in Ontario Canada but it was worth the wait and every penny!!! I use the blue light therapy consistently twice per week and sometimes the amber light followed by blue light. I find that melasma is evident when I use the red light alone and tiny acne appear on my chin when I use the amber light alone. Therefore, I find that using the blue light therapy immediately after a red or amber light sesh to avoid any of these issues prompted by my sensitive skin.

Amazing product!

When paired with a consistent skincare routine, this light therapy mask takes your home regiment to a new level! I've noticed an increase in elasticity and a decrease in acne (I am a healthcare professional who *used* to suffer from maskne) and hyperpigmentation. I should note that I use biologique recherche skincare products and I do my entire routine before applying the mask at night. I currently use the mask for 10-20 minutes per day 4-3x a week depending on length of light exposure. I am very impressed with the results after using for about a month!


LED Light Therapy Mask V2

What a magic find.

I love my Peppy Co Mask. I have only been using it for a couple weeks now and I can notice the difference my skin feels and looks. My pigmentation has lessened and my unwanted pimples have nearly all but gone. A very good investment ladies to be able to do salon treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Love my mask!

I love the peppy mask! It’s so great to use and easy and I love it and it really works!

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