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Our Story

Hi! We’re Ermin and Mia Plakalo, and there are 3 things you may want to know about us. We are husband and wife and parents of two young children, we both have double degrees in law and business, and we both unanimously decided to be advocates for Australian botanicals and natural skincare.

Our occupation is a slight alteration from what we are educated to do, but we find it equally fulfilling. We represent Australian botanicals instead of human clients and our court is replaced by the huge community of customers who are our judges and decision makers. We are determined to bring our products before you and we are convinced that we can win the case!

The case for all natural, cruelty free, and Australian made skincare that makes a difference for the skins around the world.

What led us to the creation of Peppy Co?

We both had battled with skin imperfections, stress and non-stress related acne, blemishes and just about everything else. After several trials and errors and having to bin products that just didn’t do anything for us, we decided to give natural alternatives a trial. This was what led to the discovery of what we now call the Peppy Co product.

We aren’t just selling our All-in-One Sleeping Mask, we actually both use it on a regular basis and we have even been putting it on our kids on some occasions. We love our product! Ironically, we even lose our sleep because of it, but what we know for sure is that our skin is well rested, smooth and healthiest it’s ever been. We want yours to be the same!

We would love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out with any comments, suggestions, or questions at!

Mia Plakalo  &  Ermin Plakalo    

Peppy Co. Co-founders